Our Mission:

At Strategic Results Marketing & Small Business Support, we provide small businesses and service professionals with the strategic, marketing, administrative, and IT support they need to manage and grow a business with confidence and purpose.

We work closely with the decision-makers in each business as well as within the parameters & regulations of each industry to achieve a long-lasting impact through strategic coaching, training, planning, and affordable implementation.

We are committed to creating an easy experience for our clients because we can do it better than anyone else.

Our Values Statements: How we will accomplish our mission

Integrity: We do what we say even when you doesn’t care. Let’s be real: sometimes, you may be too busy with other responsibilities to care about what we are doing for you. We provide quality content and service that is easy for you to engage and receive the benefits.

Strategy: We will deliver our products and services that serves the goals and objectives of you while maintaining quality and long-term objectives of The Company (aka Strategic Results).

Teamwork: We support your mission and objectives, acting as a true support for you while maintaining a positive and excited team for delivery of services.

Enthusiasm: We are excited to deliver strategic results to our clients and our clients are excited and confident in our ability to deliver.

Dependability: The SR team is available and capable of delivering consistent and strategic results to our clients. We are clear about our capabilities and our limitations and we strive to provide the services our clients desire through our team and our extended resources.

The Strategic Results Marketing team has a combined 50+ years of experience in all areas of marketing, strategic planning, search engine optimization, content marketing, graphic design, and brand management.

MaryPat Kavanagh is our strategic lead and account director. She works with clients to develop strategic plans, review metrics and train teams, as well as behind the scenes to produce content, manage online reputation, and organize tasks and their elements.

While we often broker top talent for your project, we also have a great team of experts on staff to maintain consistency and integrity with all work managed within our business.
We have a team of talented writers, designers, web developers, managers, technicians and specialists. We only work with talented and reliable professionals.

Cloud-Based Project Management System

We will be available to contact via email and calls. However, we will also be communicating with our team using a CBM. This system will help us organize our files, keep up-to-date, and track progress. This can also be used as a communication tool between our team and your business. This has helped us with our clients to discuss new projects, offer feedback, and set deadlines.

Client Support Ticketing System Portal

A support/ticketing portal may be set up to help with the urgent matters as well as recurring issues. Your custom support desk provides a bank of “help docs” to serve the recurring needs of your employees as well as a dedicated customer support manager to serve the unexpected and unusual issues that technology sometimes encounters.

Monitoring Progress & Metrics

We review your progress and compare it to your objectives on a regular basis. We recommend a monthly (or at least quarterly) meeting to review what is working or not, and to review what is coming forth in your business. Ideally, we are looking forward at least 3-6 months. This will allow us to prepare for and evaluate upcoming opportunities and plan accordingly. Of course, there will always be last-minute opportunities. But, hopefully, these will be the exception, not the rule.

For all website, social, and online advertising, we will set up and provide metrics to monitor how each of these tactics are performing. Reports will be shared at regular team/strategy meetings.